#D30 Challenge 101 Reasons Why I’m Changing My Lifestyle

As per Emma Oliver’s instructions, I decided I needed to take part in this small, but challenging challenge. I need a good reminder as to why I want to do this and 101 reminders was a good place to start. So I sat down last night and this morning and wrote my list. I saw a consistent theme. Health, welbeing, fitness. These are core goals that I want to achieve. So I branched out and explained in detail what I wanted. I was SPECIFIC!

1.I want to be, and feel, healthy.

2. I want to take control of my life.

3. I want to be happier.

4.I want to be fitter.

5. I want to have a full life and not be held back by my size and weight.

6. I want to run. I want to know what it feels like to run and not feel like I’m dieing.

7. To skate for 25 laps in 5 minutes.

8. To pass freshmeat and start my derby career!

9. To stop my Mum from worrying. She shouldn’t have to worry about me so much. Its not good for her.

10. Avoid health problems that go with being morbidly obese. My current BMI is 49.8. I want to avoid Diabetes, heart problems, infertility etc.

11. I want to be able to wear the shameful horde of clothes that I’ve been collecting that are sizes 14-16. I buy them all the time and its awful that they are just in vacuum sealed bags.

12. Buy any clothes that I want.

13. Feel attractive.

14. Be as healthy as I can be in preparation for motherhood/pregnancy.

15. Set a healthy example for my future offspring.

16. Walk without effort and be able to move freely and gracefully.

17. Not be burdened by excess weight and the health problems that come with it during my first pregnancy.

18. Have the “dream” wedding someday.

19. Sleep better.

20. My skin will be healthier and clearer.

21. Not be judged by my appearance.

22. Wear high heels for longer. I love shoes. ^_^

23. Have less pain in my life. Both physical and mental.

24. Look forward to social events.

25. Buy clothes online!

26. Look forward to shopping.

27. Being able to wear cool derby outfits!

28. Regain my confidence.

29. Discover my new identity. As a person who enjoys life, being fit and healthy.

30. Find my strength.

31. Less effort to do everyday things, like cleaning, hanging the washing, and vacuuming.

32. Enjoy nature and the outdoors.

33. Look forward to outdoor activities. I love things like laser tag but to afraid to go.

34. Improve my chances of achieving all that I want in life.

35. Breathe easier.

36. Move easier.

37. Ride a bike with ease.

38. Enjoy summer.

39. Not have a worry when travelling.

40. Start travelling!

41. Buy cheeky underwear!

42. Feel comfortable in a bra again!

43. Buy more corsets =D

44. Wear nice swimmers.

45. Be able to wear my hair down and not be to hot and flushed.

46. Walk real distances without pain, not just to the bus stop.

47. Not take up two seats on the bus.

48. Not be afraid of scales.

49. To not be scared.

50. To not feel so much anxiety.

51. To not hate photos of me.

52. Sit comfortably in any chair.

53. Play a game of tennis.

54. Partake in fun runs.

55. Actually want to be active, and miss it when I don’t.

56. Feel pride in myself.

57. Set up life long habits.

58. Encourage and support my partner to the same.

59. Feel confident in being naked!

60. Exert control over food.

61.Be happy in my choices.

62. Have my mother be proud of me.

63. Go hiking and bushwalking.

64. Take up swimming again.

65. Enjoy my youth while I still have it.

66. Use natural highs to beat depression.

67. Live as a functioning adult.

68. Become a master organizer.

69. Prove to myself how capable I am.

70. Prove to everyone else how capable I am.

71. Take up the cello.

72. Pay reasonable prices for clothes.

73. Feel strong.

74. Want to return to uni. Not be too scared to go to uni.

75. Regain self-worth.

76. Respect myself.

77. Show others that I respect myself.

78. Regain self-discipline.

79. Apply for the army and pass the fitness test.

80. Rejoin the volunteer fire service.

81. Apply for NSW Fire and Rescue and pass the fitness test.

82. Finish my Duke of Edinborough Award.

83. Run a beep test.

84. Do a mud run or tough mudder.

85. Carry a pack with all the weight I’ve lost.

86. Walk around New Zealand.

87. Do the Great North Walk.

88. Be able to wear rings, bracelets and watches.

89. Feel comfortable dancing.

90. To wear makeup and not feel fake.

91. To be able to wear beautiful dresses and short skirts!

92. To see my collarbones again.

93. To get a tattoo on my arm and now worry about weight stretching or ruining it.

94. To have a cute butt again!

95. Have boobs that are proportionate to my body shape!

96. To loose my mega chins!

97. Loose my tummy tyre!

98. Actually look pregnant when the time comes.

99. Reach my toes!

100. Not have my knee pads cut into me when I skate.

101. Look at this list in a year or two and tick of each and every one of these Reasons!


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