Rethinking Decisions

One of my problems is hunger. When it grabs hold it hits me hard. Nausea, sweats,  headache. It’s awful. But it’s no longer an excuse. I have solutions for all my excuses. I will be so organised I will always have something near that is a 12wbt acceptable snack. 

Yesterday i had a momentary slip. I drove through KFC. In my autopilot mode I consumed some chips and a wing then though, what the heck am I doing. I’ve done so well to cut that out and I’m going backwards. So I put it down and threw it away. I was so happy I was able to think about the what I was doing. I have never had the ability to do that. I just consume and regret later. 

I like the changes I’m making and discovering my new identity as a person who is mindful as opposed to mind-full. 


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