The Day Before.

So today is the day before Day 1, Round 2 2013. 

My meals are cooked. My diary is organised. My people are aware and supportive. I only have a few items left on my list to get this afternoon and I just have to finish my Pre-Season Fitness task this evening at home.

Mum has been so supportive. Helping me cook my main meals last night. She has worried about my weight for a long time, but recently I have put on 10kg in a few months after moving in with my partner and it has been stressing her more. Understandably. 

I have done my commitment, finished my mindset tasks set in the Pre-season. My mind, body and soul are ready. I’ve become focused and I am so happy to see the numbers go down already! 2.5kgs gone in the last week or so. I know I am strong enough. My habits are changing and I’m excited to begin. 

I will be on here every day in the first week, I want to chronicle my journey in depth, so when I finish, I can look back and see what I had to come through and how I developed as a person to get there. 

I’m looking forward to living again. 


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