Mini Milestones

So our Sentient Being Up Above – Nina Monger, has set yet another task for us to complete as Buddies in the #D30 group. Share with your buddy your Mini Milestone at Week 4 and when your buddy achieves it, post it up and boast.

I hadn’t even thought of goals for my mini milestones. During pre-season we were asked by Michelle to set our Short-term and long-term goals, so 1 month, 3 months, 6 months so on and so forth. But I totally forgot about our 4 weekly Mini Milestones.

So what do I want to achieve at each interval within the Round. 

Well for Week 4, I will complete 20 classes at the gym – by the end of may) and receive my Gym Groupie Singlet. I thought it was a neat little way to incorporate a goal and a promotion that is running at the gym at the moment, and have proof at the end to show off!

Week 8.
I want to have completed the Zombie Run 5k Training App that I have on my phone. I found this app a while back and thought it was the coolest thing on the planet. I get to mix together learning to run 5k along with zombies! So you get to be chased by zombies and it has a whole simulated scenario and everything. While you’re out running you collect weapons, med kits, ammo etc while being chased by zombie hordes. This will all be in preparation to the Zombie Running app. 

Week 12.
While I have yet to think of a goal for this milestone I know it will be epic. I want it to truly reflect my journey, how far I’ve come, what I want to achieve and for it to represent something very important to me. So when I think of it, be sure to look back here because it will be phenomenal. 


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