Day 1

Today was an absolute blast. It was a great start to the Round. Woke up at sparrow fart and did my first day of learn to run with an app on my phone. However it was colder than Hades out there and so much fog! My shoes got soaked from the dew on the grass and I’m sure I took more of the cricket field home on my shoes than what was on the pitch. 

I burned through my recommended calorie burn with that exercise. Did that stop me? NO! For a couple of hours I rolled around in my blanket trying desperately to get warm then before 12 ducked over the gym and did a Balance class. Burned another 544cal. 

Now I am at work, I am exhausted (partially from an early start this morning, but mostly from a long and early day at work yesterday morning), but I am happy. 

It’s all one day at time here. But I am ready. 


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