My First Fist Pump Moment

Today while doing the 2nd workout of my learn to run app, I found that the running was easier, I wasn’t sweating like a whore in church, and that I could actually achieve this. While running I thought to myself, “I can do this, I’m learning to run!”

I have never had this feeling in my entire life. I am so happy I am on this path now and that it is coming so naturally to me, as if I had it in me all along. I only had to chose to do it. 

I am proudly telling anyone and everyone who will listen I am training with 12WBT, how well I am doing and that I love it. I am discovering my new identity as a fit and healthy individual,  and as a runner!

Today was also weigh in day for the first week, and I have managed 1.7kg since Monday with a total of 3.7kg in a week and a half. I am absolutely stoked. I just can’t weight till I can feel the difference. 

Look out world, I am a runner!


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