Minor Roadblock

Over the last two days I’ve really struggled. On some Sundays, I start work at 7am and need to be up before 6am to make the drive there. It kills me. I hate early mornings, winters in Morpeth are friggen cold and I like sleeping in with my partner. 

So after a double shift yesterday I was hungry, tired and cranky. This is a dangerous combination for me. I become a mindless beast, eating anything to satisfy my need. Usually this will be anything from toasted sandwich’s to pies to hot chips. You name it. As long as it filled the void.

Thus resulted a huge internal battle within myself. I love the work I’ve done so far, what I’ve achieved, what I have yet to achieve. And there was all consuming boredom, exhaustion and hunger.

So I went to bed. I had a light dinner, I got off my butt and JFDI, and made some dinner. Then hit the sack. This is an old trick of mine. Everything is always better in the morning. And naturally it was!

So tonight, I revisited the My Mission page on 12WBT, my excuses and their solutions, and of course the earlier posts of this blog. I wanted to reconnect with myself from 3 weeks ago. Tap into my enthusiasm, my dedication and commitment. I wanted to reaffirm my promise with myself and Michelle and make it clear to myself the reasons why I am here on this journey. Today’s mantra was this;

Anything worth achieving, is not going to be easy!

And whoever said that is true. And as my buddy said today. It doesn’t get easier, you get better!


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